Virtual Machine Manager on Synology DS716+II

Synology has a beta Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) package that allows you to deploy VMs to your Synology NAS. We recently installed a DS716+II at a charity and when we ordered it we assumed it would support the VMM package as it has an Intel chip and supported several other newer packages (like Synology AD). Unfortunately, after buying it we realised was not on the supported list (we’re guessing because it only comes with 2GB of memory.

We upgraded the memory in the DS716+II without any issues (we planned to do this anyway). The memory we used was 8GB of Crucial CT102464BF160B.

Installing the VMM package is also fairly straightforward, it won’t show up in the package manager but you can download it and manually install it. Visit the package page and download the latest version, the open the Synology package manager and install the package manually. I had issues with the package uploading from Safari and Firefox for some reason but it loaded up without any issues on Chrome.